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Exploring the world in boots.  ‘Bootologist’ Exploring the World in Men's Boots. BootHunter covers the boot trend among men, through convergent interests in handcrafting, individuality, authenticity, brand story. He also focus on the psychology behind boots, strength, a rerurgent regard for the blue collar worker ‘hero,’ the manufacturing sector and ‘can do’ Americanism. This trend resonates beyond just the US market, expanding in four nations in particular, Japan, The UK, Indonesia, and Russia. Dare we say that even political and geopolitical trends are having their impact on the boot trend, close parallels exist.

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Johan Malik

Follow instgramer Johan Malik if you are a denim & bootlover. His photos are simply amazing and inspiring.   | Rugged Style | Denim Freak | Boots Lovers  | 35mm Film | The Indonesian |


How to Buy Boxers and Socks for Your Boyfriend- Claesgoran Review


Have you ever wondered where to get your boyfriend or husband wonderfully fitting and stylish underwear? Have you ever wanted to get cool socks for a male acquaintance? Have no fear- today I want to introduce you to a wonderful men's apparel and accessories shop - which happens to have a lovely selection of gifts for your man. 


"Claes Göran is an awesome shop that sells funky, unique men's boots and apparel- they specialised in boxers, pyjamas and socks, as well as high-quality boots for every type of men's style. After buying a few items from them, here's what I learned about buying boxers and socks for men! "