Thoughts On Production

Where we do and why.

We strongly feel production is one of the most exciting parts in what we do. The scene is constantly changing and the progress that are being made regarding the usage of water,  the process of dying, the conditions for the workers etc are very hopeful in general, for our line of production especially. We are a small company, making minimum quantities and only work together with agents, weavers, factories, laundries and in some cases even seamstresses that we know. Well, this means we do have a total insight in all our production.
Many of the cases you might come across when it comes to fashion and production, like the treatment of animals, workers, the lack of a sustainable way of thinking concerns the cases when the production reaches such volumes  that it becomes nearly impossible to control from start to finish. In some cases someone will accept a certain production and then in their turn hire sub contractors which they themselves not always have a transparent relation to.  In our case we make our fabrics ourselves - we design them, and everyone involved in making our collections go to work every morning in the same way we do.

Everyone earns a decent wage, are grown ups and have a big knowledge of their profession.
In some cases we even work with the special sample departments for our whole production meaning some of our items are actually made by just one seamstress from start to finish, where the normal procedure is working in a line production and one person is responsible for just one area, as attaching the left arm i e.
We connect all levels of our production with each other, making all of us work together and introducing all involved to each other in total transparency.  That´s how we like to work and we are very proud of everyone involved in making the garments you hopefully (will) love.  Also all of our partners within the jungle that is production in the fashion industry are aware when it comes to sustainable thinking and are wealthy enough to be able to continuously join the more efficient news in the field.
As we grow and become bigger so will our production, but at this stage never big enough for us to loose control.

Below Claes Bondelid shares some of his thoughts on production.

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Production in the world of fashion.

Production of clothes is easy to categorize on different levels.  Most of the production of the world aims to be made as cheap as possible, adding necessary conducts and rules to avoid bad publicity. Volume often comes with simple designs to attract many people. The production line around the world is in a constantly search for lowest price in a setup that are attractive to many people, who basically need clothes to avoid to be naked. Instead we consciously jump direct to our model, the Claes Göran idea of making the best clothes possible in a price range within reach for a lot of people, if they select it on the expense of mass consuming.

We have used our collected expertise from more than 30 years experience of production all over the world to ensure us only the best, within reasonable limits.

Outdoor jackets.

We are using the same manufacture outside Shangai as some of the most high end brands in the world.  An extremely skilled production offering us the most experienced seamstress, doing our very low quantities one by one, never reaching the lines. Lines meaning one seamstress is doing sleeves, another lining, etc. Our jacket is made by one or two persons to start to finish. In a way, haute-couture.Fabrics from South Korea. Best for outdoor fibers, such as nylon, waxed canvas. Wool from Scotland, sent to Shangai. When broken down, from ethical production.


The trousers are produced in a small village outside of Venice. The six remaining seamstresses schooled in the famous tailoring that made Italian quality famous in the past. The finishing and laundry from one of the five best facilities we seen around the world. Dyining*** and finishing started around 1980´s so the experienced is way above high. Fabrics made by a wonderful italian weaver, allowing us to develop our own ideas without up charge, in a very small quantities.  Claiming they learn from our collaboration. Saying we’re the future and that we make their work fun.


We make all our pattern design, allowing us to combine and mixup materials and finishing, down to 600 meters (approximately 375 shirts). The manufacturing from a very skilled producer, exclusively making shirts. All in Turkey.

Jackets/ Blazers.

We’re buying all ready made fabrics form what fits us at the time, mostly Italy.  The production is made in Portugal from an upscaled*** producer, specialized in unlined design, that for many styles has been our trademark.

Leather boots and shoes.

We prefer to make our shoes in the old traditional way (goodyear welted) together with a small, over hundred years old factory, in the mountains of Portugal. Hand made in it’s original meaning allowing us to make down to one single pair. Right now we only work with leather from the Swedish tannery in Tjärnsjö.

Light knit/ Underwear.

Are all made in Portugal together with partner we´ve known and worked with for more than two decades.
Very good expertise in developing new fabrics, as well as using skilled trimming supplier, laundries and finishing for different knits.


Final words.

In all our production we are blessed with only the top range of producers and skilled people around the world,
due to also being considered a trusted and honest customer. We are in those circles known for moving the design and ideas of manufacturing into the future in a way which makes us interesting for them, even if we’re small.
All of our factories have high standards when it comes to ethical awareness, everyone employed in all ares of expertise are experienced and skilled and also makes earns more than a decent wage.
They all invest in us because they believe we are only in our first steps, that we will only grow even more important and our standard of manufacturing,
besides our design, is truly one of our strengths.

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