Our Manifest

Our Manifest

The fundamentals of the brand is doing only the things we would like to have ourselves. There are no limitations in what we may or may not do. We started as a sneaker brand because we could not find sneakers that neither signals mushroom picking or high-jumper and is equally suitable for a late night out or a bank meeting - shoes that works 363 days a year.

And then we decided to once again design clothes, tomorrow we might make electric bicycles or reinvent ourselves as a restaurant concept. What happens tomorrow is clearly just as exciting as what happened today.

Claes Göran should be sold in stores we like to shop in ourselves.

Our products are created with respect, care and a genuine love to the material. We work only with the best people we can find, it does not matter if the product is made in China, Portugal, Turkey or Italy. As long as the production is good enough.

Claes Göran does not fit all - we are turning to self-willed people who look for a sartorial alternative, so far attracting the luxury bums of the world.

The end.