The Store

Welcome to the home of Claes Göran.

”In all the splendor of its bricks and mortar, sitting along the row of shops on Odengatan, Claes Göran Bl.a. is a whimsical wonder.
It’s the type of shop that folk gods like Willy Wonka, Johnny Depp or even Santa Claus would frequent for sophisticated, unique pieces.

When you first walk in it’s hard to imagine shopping. A sign says “Some of my best friends are human”,
and under the dimly-lit octopus-like chandeliers there are gorgeous Persian rugs that look really expensive. Are they for sale?

There are white tiles and beautiful floral arrangements in vintage-looking vases, strategically placed in strategic places that aren’t invasive.
I look around at old colourful banker boxes and I can’t tell who is working and who is shopping. It’s like I stumbled into a secret closet.

The detail in the store is a metaphor for the details in the clothing. Careful attention is paid to every aspect,
and it’s fun to walk around and look at the perfect un perfect seams and examine hidden messages as on the soles of the shoes.

The clothing pieces are reminiscent of a 20s-era lifestyle. They are fitted with crafted wrinkles and utilitarian aspects.
They feel like pieces that you can be active, comfortable and stylish in” - Koko Ntuen for Totally Stockholm.

Claes Göran Bl.a. opening hours:

Monday 14-18.30
Tuesday - Friday 11-18.30
Saturday 12-17
Sunday 12-16